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Thatched roofs are notable for their longevity, however only if they thatched properly and qualitatively.
We can offer our clients high-quality works because the masters of CJSC „Redlita" have long experience in thatching.

If you want thatched roof to serve you 50 and more years it should be thatched qualitatively according to high technological standards. Besides, it is necessary to use qualitative thatch and properly choose roof design, angle of slope. But the most important thing is work quality. We offer to impregnate thatched roof with special impregnant in order to protect it against fire. If thatching is made in accordance with all fire safety and technological regulations the possibility of fire decreases. For example, it is rather easy to fire one page of a book, whereas it would be difficult to fire the whole closed book.

A similar situation holds when we speak about thatched roofs. If the roof is made qualitatively and is firm and strong that will protect the roof against rapid fire propagation.

Using the newest technologies the masters of CJSC „Redlita" can produce any kind of roof design taking into account the wishes of a client. We can perform even vertical thatching. We offer our clients different possibilities and have experience performing complex orders. You can find the variety of our thatched roofs and technological possibilities in the Gallery of our Website.