About us


Thatched roofs are the nature on your roof.  The long-lasting tradition to thatch roofs nowadays enjoys resurgence. Modern technologies determined the fact that these roofs are more durable and fire-proof.
The team of CJSC „Redlita" has been thatching roofs for 10 years.     Long-term working experience in Holland, other European countries, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania allows us to offer our clients high-quality work. The majority of employees have been working in our company for many years. Gathered experience helps us to perform working tasks in a professional manner and in case of challenge to solve problems adequately. We interact with clients in Lithuanian, Russian and English.

There are no many thatching specialists in Lithuania. Good masters can improve their qualification only practically – thatching roofs. So, in this sphere the value of good masters is evaluated by the number of thatched roofs rather than by working years. The thatched roofs offered by CJSC „Redlita" deserve attention and recommendations of clients because our experienced and qualified masters can thatch a middle-sized roof in the short run – within 1-2 week. We use only top-quality thatch, that’s why our thatched roofs are ecological, durable, attractive and aesthetic.

Thatched roofs are very ornamental. They go with both wooden and brick walls. They make good combination with environment and nature and give the building a substantial unique character. These roofs can be thatched on various houses – brick, log or frame houses. Qualitatively designed and made thatched roof can serve 50 and more years.

Thatched roofs can stand the test of time and different weather conditions. Thatches are resistant to negative atmospheric impact - humidity, sunbeams, UV impact. In winter thatched roof warms, in summer it protects against heat. Such roofs protect against rain and wet snow. This peculiarity is determined by thatch moisture resistance. This plant does not soak water and does not get wet. Thatched roof possesses wonderful soundproof properties – you will not hear even heavy fall of rain being inside. If you decide to thatch your dream house – invite the masters of CJSC „Redlita" – we execute work honestly, carefully, qualitatively and in in time.